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King K Rool from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
King K Rool from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Quick & Dirty King K Rool Guide for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Quick & Dirty King K Rool Guide for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

King K Rool is considered to be a heavy weight character – meaning that his attacks are mostly slow and heavy but they pack a punch (literally) if you hit your opponent head on. From my personal experience of playing King K Rool online in 1v1 matches I’ve come to a realization that he is best played when you play him defensively. As a matter of fact, the most defensive King K Rool is usually the most offensive and threatning one.

Your best tools in his kit are the crownerang and blunderbuss and the reason being is because you can use them repeatedly in many situations and piss of your opponent and disorient them. What I love personally doing is usually do my crownnerang then follow up with a blunderbuss cannon shot to keep juggling the enemy and cause a good amount of damage. You want to do this combo especially if the enemy is at a high damage percentage or next to the edge of the stage.

You can also do a combo where you throw your crown, follow up with the blunderbuss and if the cannon hits the enemy you can start dashing towards him or her and then use your running belly flop attack which will also do great damage and send them flying depending on what their damage percentage is at.

However, the most understand move that most players do not use is his down-B which is called Gut Check. Gut Check is basically a counter-attack block, if you time it perfectly on a hard-hitting attack, the enemy is the one who is going to get hurt, not you. I cannot tell you how many times this move saved King K Rool’s fat ass or better yet sent the opponent flying to their death. This move is really satisfying to pull off and once you get good at it your opponents will hate you for the rest of the match and potentially rage quit.

If you’re close to the enemy or you’re fighting a very aggressive player then you must do your best to use your bubble shield and roll out of attacks and try to get behind the enemy and either grab them or do your triple A combo by tapping A 3 times in a row. As far as the grabs go, you want to use the down grab which will plant the opponent into the ground giving you a decent time frame to follow up with a combo or a charge attack. Don’t charge too long tho or the enemy will escape, roll out, and counter you.

That is it for our quick and dirty guide for King K Rool. I hope this video has helped you become a better King K Rool player or it has opened up your mind on possibly making him your main or trying him out in an online match.

Stay tuned for more quick and dirty Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guides in the very near future. Make sure you’re subscribed, like this video and comment in the section down below on who you would like to see us do a guide on next. See you soon!

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