Duck Hunt character from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Quick & Dirty Duck Hunt Guide for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Quick & Dirty Duck Hunt Guide for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Duck Hunt is a complete troll joke character who’s actually pretty good and that’s why I absolutely adore him. He is a super fast paced aggressive derpy looking dog with a duck for a friend that will give your opponent’s a can of whoop ass. Literally.

The fighter’s strength lie in speed and his animations because they’re very hard to read and are very hard to predict which is fantastic if this is the type of a character you enjoy playing. While I am not a god at Duck Hunt I do understand how he works and he is best used as an offensive character who constantly tries to throw of and confuse his enemies.

His side charge smash attack has a sizeable reach compared to others fighters as you can see here. It can hit the opponent’s hitbox sooner than they think. His up smash is also very strong and actually has a decent radius around his own character model. But as far as the length goes, not so much. However, if you can contact his up charge smash then you can start juggling your opponent with his mid air up smash as well and that attack hits very fast and can send your opponent flying if they’re at a high precentage damage.

As far as Duck Hunt’s specials go, his side B attack throws out a Frisbee disc (this attack is called Clay Shooting) it is actually a very useful tool to keep your opponent at bay and can be used in both offensive and defensive situations. It can either be used to start a combo or as a defense tactic to get away from bad position and of course it does a decent amount of damage if it sticks.

However, the real winner here is the explosive can that Duck Hunt throws out by pressing B, this move is called Trick Shot. If Trick Shot contacts the enemy it will be explode and do decent amount of damage. This is another move that I believe is underused and takes skill and precision to use. You want to use this when the enemy has a high damage percentage or when they’re near the edge of the stage in mid-air because it can easily land you kills.

If you press B once the explosive can is in place, the can will bounce forward, this is extremely useful if you’re able to predict where your opponent will move next. Although, do note that both of you can cause the can to explode and both players can get damaged from it including yourself, so be wary of your surroundings and don’t’ trap yourself.

As for Duck Hunt’s grabs, they’re quite good. I like to use the side grab throw to set the kill for my Trick Shot on the edge of the stage. You can also combo a side grab throw with a Clay Shooting and then start chaining it with Trick Shot and your regular smash moves, particularly the forward dash A or your regular tap A combo which is super awesome to watch and do. Overall, Duck Hunt is one of my favorite characters, his fun, super fast and takes a decent amount of skill to play.

That is it for our quick and dirty guide for Duck Hunt. I hope it has helped you become a better Duck Hunt player or gave you the idea of either make him your main or try him out in online play. See you soon for more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guides.

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