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Quantum Error
Quantum Error

Quantum Error Gets New 4K Gameplay Trailer

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Quantum Error is a cosmic-horror, first-person shooter next-gen PlayStation exclusive, being developed by TeamKill Media, at Future Games Show, the developer revealed a new gameplay trailer.

Check the new 4K trailer down below:


TeamKill Media also launched a GoFund Me campaign for Quantum Error, the goal is to fund 65,000 USD. The developer confirms that all supporters will be included in the credits of the game for any amount donated. The first 50 donations of $500 or more will get you a spot as an NPC character in the game. Anyone donating $50 or more will get a copy of the game when it releases for either PS4 or PS5.

TeamKill Media also confirms that Quantum Error is planned with a movie-style script, three installments of series are being planned. The goal of the developer is to purchase a Mocap setup and hire a team of voice actors.

“If we go above our goals, the next step would be to hire extra animators and support game development”… “We want to create a cinematic movie experience alongside the gaming experience for our fans. With your help and investment in our project, we can produce an immersive cinematic experience inspired by the Metal Gear and Resident Evil series.”

We are Teamkill Media founded in 2016 by 4 brothers with a dream to turn our passion into a business and create amazing gaming experiences for fellow gamers worldwide.

Our first game was Kings of Lorn, the Fall of Ebris, released in 2020 on Playstation 4. Our current game project is Quantum Error, with a goal of a 2021 release.

We have been featured on 2 covers of the Playstation Magazine, Gamescom, Future Games Show, and too many game sites to list. Quantum Error is a first person cosmic horror game where you play as a firefighter, Jacob Thomas.

As fans have said firefighters and space, I’m in! Our game has many unique mechanics and brings a very different perspective to the first person shooter genre. One of the many exciting elements of our game is we have created a truly cosmic novel to go with our gameplay.

Source: TSA

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