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PVZ: Battle for Neighborville
PVZ: Battle for Neighborville

PvZ: Battle for Neighborville is Holding a New Event

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With the new year comes a new event for PvZ: Battle for Neighborville. This month’s event is Snow Day Festival, and will have players running through a Giddy Park in which the snow that came from the previous event is starting to thaw.

With the new event comes new items for players to earn either through the Snow Day Prize Map by using Prize Bulbs. Items that can be obtained through this battle pass include epic hats, Victory Slabs, Punchers, emojis, and character costumes. The costume that players earn at the halfway point is the “Cowmooflage Commander,” which is for Foot Soldier. The one that they earn at the end is Snapdragon’s “Legendary Millennium Dragon” costume.

For new players that got the game for Christmas and are still figuring out how to earn Prize Bulbs, there are quite a few ways to do so. The main way is by getting online and playing the game. Players earn them by gaining XP in any of the game modes. For those looking for even more, however, there are daily and character challenges that give Prize Bulbs as well.

That’s not all though. The next two events for PvZ: Battle for Neighborville have been revealed as well. The first one, Valenbrainz Festival, will be in February and will bring with it a new Turf Takeover map called Preserve Pastures as well as new items. The one in March is Luck O’ the Zombie Festival. That event will have new items as well, but will bring a new Zombie character and a ranked battle arena.

There is a lot to enjoy and look forward to for Plants vs Zombies fans. At this rate, it looks like there will be a new event every month for players to hop into with tons of new prizes and features to check out. 2020 looks like it is going to be a good year in Giddy Park.

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