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Publisher SEGA teasing something to reveal on January 16

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Publisher SEGA teasing something to reveal on January 16

Prominent developer and publisher SEGA have teased on Twitter that they have a reveal in store for fans on January 16th. It’s not clear which game or franchise they are teasing, so I guess we shall just have to wait until Tuesday to find out what it is.

Earlier today on SEGA’s official Twitter account, the publisher posted a new photo that reveals an incoming announcement next week, on January 16th. Of course, the image is a little bit random, so it will be interesting to see the announcement will be a brand new game reveal or if it will unveil a port of some kind. You can check out the announcement on Twitter below.

So is it a new game announcement, something incoming for the Nintendo Switch, or maybe even a new event? Although it remains to be seen what the actual reveal will be as of right now, if the photo ties into it at all, it may involve a light bulb. The meaning behind it is anyone’s guess, and of course that’s exactly what fans have started to do.

While most fans are thinking the announcement involves a new game, there are some that believe a new console may be in the works. Some have suggested the image points to Sega Dreamcast, as the original advertising line at launch was “It’s Thinking™.” Maybe the light bulb is a hint that points towards Dreamcast 2?

It’s hard to imagine a new SEGA console would be able to compete with the PS4, Xbox One, or Switch, yet here we are. Obviously, the Dreamcast hype is real.

With that said, back in November Two Point Studios revealed that they have been working with SEGA Europe on a project not yet announced.


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