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PUBG Launches December 7 With a PlayStation-Exclusive Gift

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PUBG Launches December 7 With a PlayStation-Exclusive Gift

The game will come out with three iconic maps so the players can experience the great action of PUGB.

  • Erangel, the first map of PUBG. An 8×8 km map resembling a Russian military testing facility
  • Miramar, the second map created for PUBG. An 8×8 km map set in the deserts of Central and South America
  • Sanhok, the smallest map (4×4 km) based in the jungles of the Southeast Asia region

Also there is a gitf for all the PlayStation community to celebrate the launch. Just log into the game and you will receive the Pixel Art Parachute, inspired by the PlayStation iconic blue.

Check it out:

Pre-Order Now

You can still pre-order PUBG before the game releases on PS4 December 7. We have several different bundles to choose from, all of which offer two exclusive pre-order digital skins: The Nathan Drake Desert Outfit from the Uncharted series, and Ellie’s Backpack from The Last of Us. Pre-order and also receive two instant rewards: the PUBG avatar for your PlayStation Network profile as well as a theme.

We offer different editions depending on what you’re looking for. The Survivor’s and Champion’s Editions can be purchased at a discounted rate just for pre-ordering on PlayStation Store!

The countdown is on: we now have less than a week left until the official launch. We hope to see many of you at launch and can’t wait to join the PlayStation community on December 7!

Full Article at – PlayStationBlog

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