PUBG Is Going to Be 2 Years Old; Receiving Special Anniversary Item

This weekend, we should say happy birthday to one of the games that introduces the most trending gaming genre of this era. PUBG, the game that introduced Battle Royale mode in a worldwide scale, is going to celebrate its second anniversary during this year. Record holder for the most co-current players on Steam, started its successful journey as an early access game on PC, then made its way to Xbox One and finally got the green light for coming to PS4 during December 2018.

Although PUBG had lots of glorious days during its first anniversary, appearance of Fortnite and its unstoppable grow during recent year avoided PUBG from reaching much more successes. Aside from Fortnite, some other AAA titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield have decided to host Battle Royale mode, as a result, players spread all over the different games and now PUBG barely manages to reach 1 million co-current players, which is a big flop for the game and the development team. However, PUBG Corp still continues to support the game and for its second anniversary, the studio will be bringing a free special cap. PC gamers will be able to purchase this in-game item from the store within PUBG between March 27 and April 24. Console owners will also get access to the item by logging in from April 9 to May 7.

PUBG Corp has also released a video, in which, CEO of the studio highlights all the events passed through these years and also appreciates players that stayed loyal to the game and supported the development team by their helpful feedback. Here you can check out the video:

Along with the video, the team has also posted a statement introducing their upcoming updates and improvements.

But just because we’re celebrating how far we’ve come doesn’t mean we’re not aware of what we still need to accomplish, We’re currently deep into planning improvements to our first map, Erangel. The first changes in this process, increasing and improving loot, have already deployed to test servers, where we welcome your feedback.

What was your most interesting memory among these 2 years in PUBG? Share your ideas with Gaming Instincts through comments.

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