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PUBG now allows you to spectate your killer

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PUBG now allows you to spectate your killer

Gamers that are currently testing the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC 1.0 Update #9, have noticed a new exciting feature that will be coming soon to everyone playing PUBG. This new feature is the ability to spectate the player who killed you for the rest of the match. This feature will be added to the game in its latest patch.

This new feature is live in the test server for the new 1.0 update #9, which will go live on the normal servers soon. For solo players, this feature will let them follow their killer by pressing “watch” on the results screen – but they won’t be able to use this option if they first watched the death cam. If their killer dies (or gets disconnected from the match), you can watch the cam of the player that killed their killer.

If you happen to be killed by the environment, then you will be able to watch the cam of the closest player to your location. The spectating rules are the same for squads and duos, but you won’t be able to watch any cam, until your entire team is dead. So you won’t be able to support your team by telling them where a threat is.

This is a more convenient way to follow the action than trying to study the after-match replay. The test server is also currently giving gamers a look at the new map, codename: Savage, making this an early preview of an even bigger feature for the game.

Destructoid said in an article on their website:

“With the new test-server update on PC, players can now watch their killer in spectator mode and cheer for their untimely demise. Here’s how the system can play out:

  • Players can now spectate their killer by clicking the “watch” button on their match result screen

  • Solo killer spectating

    • If you get killed by the Blue Zone, the Red Zone or from falling, you can spectate the nearest player from your death location
    • When the player you were spectating dies, you can continue spectating the killer of that player
    • If the player you were spectating gets disconnected, you can continue spectating their killer
  • Duo / Squad killer spectating

    • Same as above but can only spectate the enemy team after all your team members are dead
  • You can report a player you are spectating in Killer Spectate mode by pressing R

  • If you click Death Cam, you won’t be able to use the Killer Spectate mode”

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