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PlayStation 5 to Focus on Hard-Core Consumers

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PlayStation 5 to Focus on Hardcore Consumers

Sony has recently said that it’s designing the PlayStation 5 to appeal to the “hard-core” gaming customers who want “graphics-heavy” games.

Wall Street Journal reported on this, and according to them, Sony’s main strategy with PlayStation 5 will be to push out more triple-A titles.

During a company strategy meeting, Sony’s Chief Executive, Kenichiro Yoshida, said that, “games have become more important than ever.”

So this means that Sony won’t concentrate their efforts on independent games and will want to provide more AAA titles. So in a way, Sony will be pushing their larger publishers as smaller publishers would want their games on more platforms in order to maximize sales, while the big publishers work for one specific console. Additionally, the company will focus on developing AAA games in their own studios. They even say, according to the official that people buy consoles to “play high-quality games available only on that platform,” not smaller games. This decision would make sense as the next PlayStation will be capable of processing 8K ultra-high-definition graphics, says PlayStation Chief, Jim Ryan, in May.

This decision is mostly because that Sony Sees Microsoft as their main competitor int he next-generation of games while Google might be a threat in the long-term. Additionally, Nintendo isn’t PlayStation’s major rival, because their users are usually younger than PlayStation’s demographic.

Overall, PlayStation focusing more on their bigger, AAA titles will be an interesting change as several of their exclusives haven’t been shown off yet, assuming they plan to showcase them along with the new console. Games like the Last of Us 2, and possibly a new Nathan Drake game are definitely on the way, and since they haven’t been showcased recently at E3 2019, it’s very likely that Sony simply needs to focus on those titles more closely in the meantime.

For more information about the PlayStation 5’s specs, check out our report here.

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