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PS5 Processor Right On Schedule Says Report

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According to DigiTimes, the customized AMD’s Zen 2 PS5 processor  is entering the final stages of its manufacturing process soon. Backend IC packaging and testing service providers are expected to begin shipments of the customized hardware to partners in the next week.

The packaging and testing industry revealed that this year’s American chip leader AMD is indeed in full swing. In addition to the large market share of CPU, GPU and server chips, one of the highlights of the third quarter is for the next generation of home game consoles. Customized main chip shipments, in addition to TSMC’s 7nm process Austrian aid, the latter stage of packaging and testing was led by Taiwan’s professional outsourcing packaging and testing (OSAT) leader ASE Investment and its silicon products to win large orders, and the production base is concentrated In Taiwan.

The PS5 main chip back-end packaging and testing mainly uses FC-BGA packaging. ASE and its silicon products have won major orders, and the CPU and GPU are directly packaged into highly customized system-level chips. The ASE investment control speech system has never made public comments on specific customers and product order status.

The results of testing of AMD’s customized SoCs have been proven successful, the manufacturers, will now enter in the development of the main chip of the PS5, the fourth quarter will be crucial for the next gen console, as the productivity in the manufacturing process will determine half of 2021 mass production orders expected by Sony.

Sony has appointed new companies in China, and Taiwan to handle the manufacture of some of the peripheral chips of the console, Yu Tai, Xintang, Nandian, Xinxing and other companies have been confirmed. These companies design high quality micro-controllers and transducers.

Source: DigiTimes

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