PS5 Expected to Release in Late 2019 by According to Japanese Firm

PS5 Expected to Release in Late 2019 by According to Japanese Firm

Japanese analyst firm Ace Economic Research Institute claims the next-generation Sony PlayStation will be available in late 2019. The report claims that Sony will release the device in late 2019 on one condition: the company is able to obtain the necessary amount of monolithic ceramic capacitors to manufacture enough consoles.

“Yasuda-san mentions that at the present time Ace believes that PS5 will come at the end of 2019. That being said, Murata Manufacturing and TDK have expressed concerns about the  tightening of the worldwide supply and demand chain of monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCC), and have indicated that it could be it as a future risk for business.

Cars equipped with large numbers of MLCCs are being introduced in the market, and the arrival of 5G mobile services caused the arrival of more and more advanced smartphones. This casts doubts on whether it’s possible to produce gaming consoles with a sufficient supply in the large quantities required by a new launch.

Due to that, if there are issues in the supply of electronic components, Yasuda-san thinks that the possibility of a delay from the end of 2019 exists.

Another interesting area of Yasuda-san’s analysis is on PlayStation’s performance in the past quarter. Ace believes that the strong results weren’t just due to first-party titles, but also influenced by Epic Games’ Fortnite. According to the firm, its microtransactions have reached a scale in which they can make a contribution to the revenue of console manufacturers.

Ace Economic Research Institute is revising its full-year forecast for Sony’s Game & Network Services segment to 2.18 trillion yen in revenue and 250 billion yen in profit. The revenue forecast is slightly higher than Sony’s own announced outlook.

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