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PS5 Backwards Compatibility Won’t Be Free Report Suggests

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According to a Sony’s spokesperson speaking to a GameSpark, the PlayStation team is working hard on improving thePS5 backwards compatibility with over PS4 games. PS3, PS3 and PSX titles are not the main focus, the employee said.

However, the report explains that, due to how the backwards compatibly is designed, the games will run at a much improved performance, this means that there is a significant work to be done in order to support games on the new console. This means that PS5 will not support free upgrades. The spokesperson did not mention if the PS5 can be able to run a PS4 game on its default configuration.

In order to enjoy the wonderful games already released for PS4 on PS5 as well, we have made every effort to develop backward compatible functions for PS5. There are more than 4,000 games for PS4, and I think we will be able to enjoy the majority of them on PS5 as well.

PS5 allows backward compatible PS4 games to run at a higher frequency than PS4, providing stable and improved frame rates and, in some cases, higher resolutions for users to enjoy. I think Depending on the game, it may be necessary for game developers to make adjustments, and we are currently conducting detailed verification for each title.

PlayStation has suggested that is up to developers to decide if the game will be cross-gen, something that is an understandable worrying statement for fans who has built their library of games throughout the years.

Xbox has marketed the Series X as a console that will feature what they call, Smart Delivery, a feature that will “empower” players to buy a game once and be able to play the right version for Xbox One, Series S or Series X.

Source: gamespark.jp Via: NotebookCheck

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