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PS4 Users Are Having Their Consoles Bricked By a Message

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PS4 Users Are Having Their Consoles Bricked By a Message

It’s been reported by multiple threads on Reddit that some users has been victim of an exploit that brick their PS4 system and forces them to factory reset the console. Victims said that receiving a message can brick your console, messages are sent always by unknown user in the form of a game’s name followed by a heart emoji.

Malicious users are sending a character the PS4’s code can’t recognize, it shows on screen with this symbol: ⍰. This alone can manage to crash the PS4 system forcing users to reset the console.

It’s crucial that PS4 users avoid this situation by only allowing friends to send messages, Instruction on how to do it down below:

  1. Go to main menu tab on the PS4 home screen (up on the d-pad).
  2. Go to the “Settings” button.
  3. Head to “Account Management” (the one with your profile picture next to it).
  4. Go to “Privacy Settings,” then enter your PSN password as normal.
  5. Go to “Personal Info.”
  6. Go to “Messages.” In the drop-down menu, select either “Friends Only” if you trust everyone on your friends list not to send you this kind of message, or “No One,” just to be extra-sure.”

“Because it has to do with characters being displayed on screen, simply receiving the message notification, or having the message on your console is enough to cause it crash and require a reset to fix. This is likely what is causing the issue, which multiple players in the Reddit thread have reported happening to them while playing various games.

If you’ve already been affected by a message, it may be possible to fix the issue by downloading the official PlayStation App on iOS/Android, viewing the message that crashed your console there (look for the ⍰ symbol), then deleting it. “

Read the full article at – GameInformer.

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