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WiLd New Images Teased
WiLd New Images Teased

PS4 Exclusive WiLD Teased With New Images, Game Still In Development

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The PlayStation rand has released plenty of quality exclusive titles over the course of the current generation, but some have managed to creep back into the shadows. Perhaps one of the most elusive titles in the upcoming PS4 line up is the nature-inspired survival title, WiLD.

Announced back in 2014, the game has seen almost zero updates since then, leaving many hopeful fans weary of its existence and future. Well, while the game’s social media accounts have still teased fans occasionally, the most recent one came earlier this week with two new images and a message of “Light or Darkness?”

The tease may not mean much to potential fans of the mystery title, but what it does signify is that the game is still very much in development. Why else would they waste the game’s social media account waste its time with this post?

What’s more, is that Sony recently registered a trademark for WiLD, giving fans and PlayStation gamers a bit of light for the game’s future. With Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding, Dreams, Concrete Genie, Ghost of Tsushima and MediEvil Remake still on the plate for Sony exclusives, perhaps Sony is still waiting this title out allowing more time in between first party titles.

Only time will tell with what lies ahead for the mysterious title, but the fact we’re still getting (though incredibly vague) teases doesn’t lead us to believe the game has been forgotten. Stay tuned for more potential news regarding WiLD.

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Thanks, TwistedVoxel

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