Death Stranding
Death Stranding

Death Stranding Is Now Live on Twitch; First Image Revealed

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Kojima Productions has promised to share new details about Death Stranding on Wednesday May 29 and PlayStation’s Twitch channel went live a few minutes ago to raise the fire of hype all over the internet for the next upcoming hours of May 29th.

Hideo Kojima and his team were teasing a new trailer for Death Stranding since the attendance of the game’s director at Tribeca Film Festival along with Norman Reedus. It was earlier hours of yesterday when Kojima posted a teaser on his Twitter account with a message reading “Create the Rope” and just a few hours later official Twitter account for Kojima Productions confirmed that there will be a new trailer for Death Stranding on May 29. Following the reveal, Kojima shared another teaser called “Help to Reconnect” earlier today and finally, just a few minutes ago the Japanese director shared the third teaser in the same time as PlayStation’s Twitch channel started streaming a mysterious video from Death Stranding.

While Kojima’s third message on Twitter tells us “Tomorrow is in your hands”, the vague video at Twitch seems to be a bit different, tough it has the same format of hiding some person behind the hand signs. However, one of the users at Twitter has discovered the image below in the first seconds of stream getting live, which he claims appeared in a blink of an eye.

Tomorrow is the day that we will get our new look to Death Stranding after months, but the exact time for the stream to get started still remains as a mystery, as May 29 has been begun in some regions right now, especially Japan.

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