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Project xCloud Photo
Project xCloud Photo

Project xCloud Coming to Windows 10 PCs in 2020

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During the first day of X019, Xbox Game Studios announced that they will be bringing Project xCloud to Windows 10 PCs in 2020.

Currently, there are over 50 games in the Project xCloud Preview program from 25 different development partners. Xbox Game Studios will be adding more titles over time.

In addition, the Xbox Game Studios is working on bringing the service to all devices (phones, tablets, etc.) so that gamers can play their favorite Xbox games from anywhere, on anything.

It was also announced that Project xCloud will support multiple Bluetooth controllers, including Sony’s Dualshock controller (which received an sportive appalled reaction from the audience during the revelation).

Xbox Game Studios is also looking to extend the service’s preview program to Canada, Western Europe, Japan, and India in 2020.

Furthermore, Madden NFL ’20 has been added to Project xCloud as of X019 and is playable on all compatible devices. Moreover, Xbox Game Studios announced a partnership with EA to bring a plethora of EA’s titles to Microsoft’s newest streaming service. Three more EA games will be coming to Project xCloud in the coming months, but the specific games have yet to be confirmed.

Lastly, those with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to stream all Xbox Game Pass games via Project xCloud, giving gamers an extensive library of games to play on the go without the hassle of bringing their entire Xbox console with them.

Project xCloud is a streaming service on which Xbox Game Studios is currently working that will give players the ability to play all their favorite Xbox games on the go via their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The service is in its early stages and is currently offering a preview program by invitation only. Fans who are interested in being invited to test the service can sign up for a chance to be brought on board.

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