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A character from Project Resistance
A character from Project Resistance

Project Resistance First Screenshots Leaked

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Less than a year after Resident Evil 2 Remake, the next title in the series is about to be announced next week on Tuesday by Capcom. Project Resistance is what the developer has named it before the official unveil with no further details on it, but some screenshots have been leaked from the game that hints us on an online co-op game from Resident Evil series.

According to the four new screenshots that have been leaked from the game’s YouTube thumbnails, it seems the new entry is neither a remake of the previous version nor a sequel to Resident Evil 7. One of the images shows four characters each one with a specific weapon shooting at zombies, I guess, which make most of us to think about a co-op title from Capcom.

To be honest, I don’t like to get an online spin-off from Capcom on Resident Evil series after they launched Operation Raccoon City during the last generation of consoles, which was a real mess from the Japanese developer. However, we can’t comment on the game based on only 4 screenshots that are not even official.

Previously, Capcom has invited some Resident Evil ambassadors in Japan to play the game and provide their feedback for the developer. Now, things have been changed a little bit and before US RE ambassadors get their hands on Project Resistance, it will be announced on September 3rd and also will be playable at Tokyo Game Show 2019, where Death Stranding will have a presentation as well.

Project Resistance is presumably using RE engine as well as the two last games of the franchise. The graphics seems great in the screenshots, though they are more than likely representing scenes from a cinematic trailer.

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Source: DSOGaming

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