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Project Mallow on Steam Greenlight now!

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Project Mallow on Steam Greenlight now!

Independent game developer Aggressive Combustion Game Studios has announced that their first game, the charmingly brutal 2D puzzle platformer, Project Mallow, is now on Steam Greenlight. With Steam Greenlight, Aggressive Combustion Game Studios is calling upon their dozens of fans to help them launch the game on digital distribution platform Steam this March!

Project MALLOW is a maddeningly difficult 2D puzzle platformer about an adorable, sentient marshmallow tasked with launching and sticking his way across 100+ unique levels to escape a candy factory. Along the way, MALLOW will uncover dangerous secrets about the factory’s owner and history, as well as face flames, saw blades, lasers, and other scary things that will threaten his very existence.

Check out the Trailer:

“Besides having bad ass music, this new trailer also alludes to there being much more to the story of Walter Paragon’s candy-turned-weapons factory, and I’m finding myself oddly interested in learning more about it all. In addition to a mobile release, Project MALLOW is also shooting for a desktop release and has launched a Steam Greenlight campaign in order to make that a reality. Should that be successful the desktop version of the game is expected sometime in March with the mobile version coming “probably soon-ish” according to the developers.”

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