Project CARS 3 Announced for Current Gen Consoles

Publisher Bandai Namco and developer Slightly Mad Studios has just revealed the latest installment in the racing simulation series, Project CARS 3, the new game will launch for PS4 and Xbox One, and will also be available for the next gen consoles, a PC release will be offered via Steam.

“It’s been quite a journey watching the Project CARS franchise go from strength to strength these last five years, and we’re delighted to finally lift the wrap on Project CARS 3. While realism and authenticity continue to be at the core of the franchise, we’ve added a host of new options to ensure that Project CARS 3 is also the most accessible game in the franchise’s history.

We really couldn’t be more excited to show off our new Project CARS game to both fans of the franchise and those who are ready to experience racing at its very best,” said Ian Bell, founder, and CEO, Slightly Mad Studios.

Project CARS 3 was announced as a major overhaul in the racing simulator, the game will launch with major updates in the singleplayer mode and as well in the multiplayer. Up to 200 road and race-cars will be featured, aficionados will also be glad to learn that more than 140 circuits will be included. The game will feature 24-hour cycles and all seasons for some circuits.

Slightly Mad Studios also confirms a more challenging Career Mode, players will need to perform at a very high level in order to secure the required upgrades to take their racing machine to the next level. Is up to players to decide where to start, from a small turbo or a suspension tune-up. The race will be long in order to be establish the best racing team in game.

There is no official release date, but is probable that a trailer will be shown sometime at the Summer Game Fest, is very likely that Project CARS 3 will be announced as a launch title for the PS5 or the Xbox Series X.

Source: Softpedia

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