Project CARS 2 Won’t Arrive to Switch- Interview with Andy Tudor

Project CARS 2 Won’t Arrive to Switch- Interview with Andy Tudor

On a recent interview Andy Tudor, creative director at Slightly Mad Studios talked about Project CARS 2, its new features like new manufacturers licenses, wheater and tracks, eSports, and a sad news for Nintendo fans being that Project CARS franchise will not come to Switch.

Tudor explains that getting the game to a state where it matches his standards is extremely challenging. “In the end it was something we weren’t happy with, releasing a version that was substandard to what the eventual title ending up being”

“There’s over 170 licensed cars in the game now, which is a big improvement on the first title, and the success of the first title has allowed us to get a lot of cars and manufacturers licenses that we weren’t able to before.

…We do have the most number of tracks in game.The key thing is that every single one has got dynamic time of day, dynamic weather, and also now seasonal changes, too.

We’ve also updated our technology underneath the game with the latest iteration of LiveTrack 3.0, and that allows so much: it allows rain to fall and actually generate pools because we’ve added fluid dynamics to the game, so puddles will now form wherever they truly form in real life because the rain falls and it actually starts to get absorbed by the track, then it gets too much and starts to overflow, then it starts saturating the tarmac.

The concept is that you can race anytime, anywhere. You can go to any track, you can race in winter, summer, at night, in heavy fog, in a thunderstorm; things can change dynamically during the actual gameplay, meaning more strategy is needed.

I can confirm that PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio will get some sort of improvements, but we can’t really talk about the Scorpio stuff at the moment, because not very much is known. You’ll have to wait until Microsoft themselves reveal more information on that. With PSVR we can’t confirm that it’s definitely coming, but our team are hard at work on it. In terms of Nintendo Switch, I can say probably that Project CARS franchise will not be coming to Nintendo Switch currently.”

Read the whole interview at Red Bull.

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