Programming Tool for Switch FUZE4 Delayed

Programming Tool for Switch FUZE4 Delayed

FUZE Technologies has today announced that FUZE4 Nintendo Switch has been delayed and it’s now scheduled to release on 31st May this year. FUZE4 its a programming tool that will teach users how to code.

FUZE Technologies uploaded sort of an apology video in which they introduce a tech demo showcasing some of the features you can expect to play with on release.

Check the FUZE4 Tech Demo down below:

“In all honesty, we’re all a bit disappointed to have delayed further but there really was no other option,” explains FUZE Technologies managing director Jon Silvera. “May 31st is a comfortable date as we’re already in the final stages, no new features are being added just testing and adding as much tutorial and help content as we can.

“FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is special as there really is nothing else like it. We always knew we could come up with the goods but none of us realized quite how impressive the final release version would be. It’s fast, intuitive and very accessible.

“From a personal perspective, I could not be prouder. We’re a small team with limited resources. The team has worked tirelessly for almost two years. It’s been an incredible journey and one I hope will put the younger team members in very good stead for their lives ahead.

“Finally, Nintendo’s awesome Switch made it possible for us to realize the answer to the original question that began this journey. The question, could we recreate the accessible coding environment those of us who grew up in the 1970’s and 80’s was exposed to? The answer, after seven years of hard, but very enjoyable work, and thanks in no small part to Nintendo, is a resounding yes. Beyond our own expectations YES! Go code.”

Read the full article at Nintendo Insider.

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