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Pragmata Delayed From 2022 To 2023

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While in a recent report Capcom stated that their upcoming game Pragmata was making “Steady Progress”, apparently that is not enough to keep it on schedule for its original release window. While the game was originally planned to release at some point during 2022, it looks like the game is now aiming for a 2023 release.

This news was announced by the company via a Twitter post in which the younger girl featured in the teaser trailer holds up a sign with the change of your and the statement “Sorry  :(“. This was an extremely smart move because I dare you to be angry at that face!

The tweet also states that this shift was to ensure that the team behind the game can craft an “Unforgettable adventure.” While the trailer, showcased during the PlayStation 5 event in 2020, was pretty memorable, featuring the young blond girl joined by what appeared to be the Kojima Productions mascot, very little about the game is actually known beyond that.

As announced, a few new pieces of artwork have been added to help minimize the blow of this delay. Honestly, a brief understanding of the story would have been far better to help build hype for the game, since it is hard to get hyped for a project that you don’t really know what is going on in it.

While I am excited to learn more, this situation also reminds me of another Capcom project, Deep Down. Announced as part of an early showcase for the PlayStation 4 the game looked pretty awesome, till it was delayed before finally vanishing off the face of the earth. While I am not suggesting that the same will occur here, the thought that a similar early next-gen showcase game vanished makes it hard to get fully invested until something concrete is offered.

A major selling point for the project during their recent report was that the team behind the Pragmata are young talent. Capcom’s Executive Corporate Officer, Yoichi Egawa said the project offered a “chance to acquire know-how and skills through hands-on experience in the field as they are assigned to the development of popular IPs and major titles.”

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