Capcom’s Deep Down Is Not Dead

Deep Down CapcomCapcom’s Deep Down Is Not Dead

With its initial announcement being made on February in 2013 and all of the delays that have followed up to this point, some people in the gaming community have suggested that Capcom’s Deep Down is dead in the water. However, evidence at the US Patent and Trademark Office has suggested otherwise. Yesterday the office’s main website had a document showing a request on Camcom’s behalf to extend the trademark for Deep Down for another six months.

Deep Down Trademark Extension 4

With what had been shown so far of Deep Down, this title looked to be Capcom’s answer to From Software’s fantasy adventure game legacy led by the Souls games. Deep Down is a dungeon crawler in which the player would be able to potentially team up with up to three more players and take on the denizens of the underworld. According to everything shown, some of the creature bestiary includes rock golems and dragons.

Deep Down has been shown on quite a few occasions and has presented well as a possible Dark Souls competitor. The game’s mechanics that allow the player to aim and execute precise melee weapon strikes is a feature that definitely stood out among other elements. It is unfortunate that this new intellectual property has taken so long to see the light of day.

The public beta for Deep Down was going to begin during February of last year, but this testing period has been delayed time and time again. The beta has been pushed to this year, but no concrete date has been specified. This is perhaps because of the game’s intended direction changing somewhere along the line. Earlier in the year Kazunori Sugiura was interview by the folks at 4gamer and essentially said that the original concept for Deep Down had changed and expanded. Because of this the game’s development time had been extended.

Other things might be factors in the equation. The notion of this title intending to have 15 years of staying power and what goes into making that possible. Other issues could have to do with getting the multiplayer to function properly. Unfortunately we do not know for sure what exactly is happening with Deep Down, but the extension of its trademark is, at the very least, a glimmer of hope for this interesting entry in Capcom’s portfolio.


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