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Polygod released on Steam Early Access

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Polygod Released on Steam Early Access

Developer Amplify Games have launched Polygod, global multi-player first-person-shooter on Steam early access for PC and Mac today.

Polygod is a rogue-like, random-generated, global multi-player first-person-shooter.You are Faceless the Blessed, a rogue assassin, the last of your kind in the known universe, and on the verge of extinction.To ensure your survival you must battle the minions of malignant Gods and their Holy Champions in an epic event, The Trial of the Gods. Each randomly generated level features successive Altars of Worship where you exchange your Souls for Blessings.

It creates its own addictive logic through its unique design, gameplay, adversity and mysteriousness. It is a quest for discovery, honour, spirituality and ultimately the attainment of Godhood.

“While is in early access, gamers will be able to get a free game key from developer Amplify Games if they have met certain achievements in Binding of Isaac.

Independent game developer Amplify Games have launched their rogue-like shooter on Steam early access for PC and Mac today.

“I really loved The Binding of Isaac and I think POLYGOD will resonate well with players that also really enjoyed The Binding of Isaac. Because of this, I want to reward the most dedicated players with a copy of POLYGOD” Said Amplify Games Co-Founder, Dominic Obojkovits.”

For more info check the source.

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