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Pokémon Sun & Moon’s legendaries, trainers and more revealed!

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Pokémon Sun & Moon’s legendaries, trainers and more revealed!

Another big update on the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games came out today. And there’s a lot of new information about the game, legendary Pokemon, the Pokedex, and tons more. Here’s the rundown of everything you need to know:

The psychic/steel-type Solgaleo (on the cover of Sun) and psychic/ghost-type Lunala (the face of Moon) show off their special moves.

Also shown in further detail is the island Alola region, which draws clear inspiration from Hawaii. This time, trainers will help out Professor Kukui, joined by his assistant Lillie and the player’s friend Hau. They’ll also be able to customize their characters, just as they could in X and Y.

There’s also something different about the Pokédex this time around: A Rotom lives inside of the device, making the key item even more helpful than usual.

The professor was also unveiled, named Professor Kukui. Based on a picture and short clip, he seems like a more hands-on professor. His look and style makes him seem more like a trainer or gym leader.

He also has a “mysterious” assistant named Lillie. She doesn’t like fighting with Pokemon, and she will play a big part in the story.

You’ll have a new friend in the Alola region, named Hau. He is an energetic boy that loves food. His favorite food is malasadas, a famous treat in the Alola region. He can usually be found searching for one of these malasadas shops.

It was also shown that the Alola region consists of 4 natural islands and 1 artificial island. I’m assuming the artificial island will play into the story, or it may just be where you start at.

Check out the Trailer:

“In Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, a QR Scanner function allows players to see information about Pokémon when they scan QR Code patterns. By scanning in special QR Code patterns, fans can register Pokémon of the Alola region to their Pokédex and find out where they live. If they scan in the QR Code for a Pokémon that they haven’t yet caught, players can check its habitat and search it out.”

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