Pokémon Sun and Moon New Trailer

Pokémon Sun and Moon New Trailer

The trailer reveals the Z-moves your starter Pokemon Decidueye, Inceneroar, and Primarina will have in the game. In case you missed it, Z-moves are powerful special attacks you can use once per battle, provided you have a specific item in-game.

Decidueye’s special Z-move is called Sinister Arrow Raid, Inceneroar gets the Malicious Moonsault attack, and Primarina has Oceanic Operetta. We also get to see two more Ultra Beasts, UB-03 Lighting and UB-05 Glutton.

This game will follow the popular Pokémon X and Y which launched on the 3DS back in 2013 so it’s about time we got a new title which would be the seventh generation.

When Pokémon Sun and Moon launches, it will be available globally and in nine languages with Nintendo adding traditional and simplified Chinese alongside other options such as English, Spanish and Italian.

The firm hopes that Pokémon trainers will be able to overcome language barriers and be able to communicate with each other better over the internet. A feature called Pokémon Bank will mean that players can transfer any of their Pokémon from the original trio to Sun and Moon which is pretty cool.

Check out the Trailer:

“Also seen in the trailer is the return of mega evolutions, a powerful Pokémon upgrade first introduced in the previous generation of games. These accompany Z-moves, which are special high-powered Pokémon attacks that players must also use accessories to unleash.

Brand new to Sun and Moon is a new multiplayer feature, Festival Plaza, as well as several upgrades to the PC Pokémon storage system, which promises to make things a little more fun for the Pokémon not kept in a player’s active party. Pokémon can now train and hunt for special items while in the box, and new Pokémon may even swing by to join the fun.”

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