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Pokemon Sun and Moon ‘Everyday is an Adventure’ Japanese Trailer

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Pokemon Sun and Moon ‘Everyday is an Adventure’ Japanese Trailer

The trailer is entitled “Your Everyday Will Become an Adventure” and sees Japanese children enjoying the summer through various activities, showing that not every adventure takes place in the digital world.

In addition, the new Japanese trailer shows one of the new Pokémon, Kiteruguma, leaked earlier today, interesting Trainer poses (for what appears to be something similar to Synergy Burst), riding on the backs on Pokémon, and more.

Two features that had been hinted but unnanounced also appeared in the trailer the first being the ability to ride on more Pokémon than before in-game, and a ‘Burst’ mode that seems to link Trainer and Pokémon for a stronger attack. Of course more details will come to hand in the coming months as news is slowly released in the lead-up to the November launch.

Pokemonn Sun and Moon are due out on the 3DS on the 18th November 18 in the US and the 23rd November 23 in Europe.

Check out the Trailer:

“Sun and Moon takes place in the region of Alola. The name alone implies that the world will be inspired by Hawaii (where Aloha means hello), and this is supported by the clothes of various characters, the coastal look of the environment and some Pacific island iconography.”

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