Pokemon Masters Gets New Animated Trailer

Pokemon Masters Gets New Animated Trailer

The Official Pokemon YouTube channel held a live-streamed presentation to reveal new info on Pokemon Masters, the new free to play title coming to IOS and android devices.

The game was first announced during a Pokemon Press Conference and it brings back several past gym leaders and trainers into the game and battle in 3-on-3 battles.

The game was made to befriend both Pokemon and Pokemon trainers to help fight with you. The game takes place on the island of Pasio where Pokemon trainers are trying to become the champion of the Pokemon Masters League. The gimmick is that every trainer has one Pokeom acts as their loyal partner, called Sync Pairs.

The game seems like a typical Pokemon game, except instead of Z-Moves, sync moves are performed. Trainers alongside you will also have a set of moves, such as buffing up stats or healing the team.

The game is set to release in the Summer for IOS and Android devices.

For more information about the newest Pokemon game, check out our report here.

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