Pokemon Direct to Reveal “New Details”

Nintendo will be hosting a Pokemon Direct pretty soon, and according to a german press release from Nintendo is planning to reveal “new details” for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.  The image of the press release was downloaded by @Ruki185 before it was removed from Nintendo of Europe’s website.

The live stream will last around 20 minutes, and lot’s of announcements, or updates can be made in that much time.

Nintendo fans were actually expecting a Nintendo Direct, which is Nintendo’s way to communicate to fans, announcing new games and teasing information on development projects. But calling it “Pokemon Direct” has led some fans to express their dislike via Twitter.

A lot of memes and sarcastic comments has flooded the official announcement of Nintendo of America. Some ask for remakes of older Pokemon titles, other get the feel insulted as they expected a Nintendo Direct, and not a Direct presentation dedicated to Pokemon games.


Nintendo last year announced ‘Pokemon HOME’, which basically is a cloud service to be compatible with Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, this service is expected to launch early in 2020, so it’s very likely that Pokemon Direct’s main topic will be to explain how it works and what does it feature.

“Pokémon HOME, a cloud service that will work with Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android devices, allowing you to bring over the Pokémon that you’ve shared adventures with throughout your journey.”

“Pokémon HOME isn’t tied to a single game system, meaning you can connect with Pokémon Bank, along with #PokemonLetsGo, #PokemonSwordShield, and #PokemonGO.”

The Pokémon Direct will be streamed live at 6:30am PT/ 9:30am ET / 2:30pm GMT / 3:30pm CET on January 9th.

As there is no official information from Nintendo of America, or Nintendo of Europe this information should be taken as a rumor. Stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for more information.

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