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Pokémon Co-Master revealed for Smartphones

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Pokemon Co-Master

Pokémon Co-Master revealed for Smartphones

The Pokemon Company, in collaboration with Heroz Japan, have announced Pokemon Co-Master for iOS and Android devices.

scheduled to be release as a free to play title this spring in Japan, Pokemon Co-Master is a strategic battle board game that uses Pokemon figures. It sees players collecting, combining, and forming a deck of Pokemon, each with its own characteristics and skills, fighting against opponents in battles where the goal is to move your figure to the enemy’s encampment and defeat them at all cost.

Check the teaser down below:

Services for the game begin this spring in Japan, however, no release dates has been announced for other regions as of yet

“The game, which is free-to-play with online, is a mixture of traditional Pokémon mechanics (capture, train, battle) with strategy-heavy board games like Japanese chess or Go. The game is called “Co-Master” for good reason: The A.I. is also designed to help players as well, apparently making Pokémon Co-Master approachable for beginners.”

Source – Kotaku

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