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The Division ‘Incursions’ Update Trailer

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The Division Review_01

The Division ‘Incursions’ Update Trailer

Ubisoft Massive is all set to release the first-ever DLC update for Tom Clancy’s The Division today. A new trailer released by the developer gives a roundup of the all the upcoming features.

Over the past two weeks, players have either been reading about what’s to come or checking out images that don’t give out much details on the the update’s features. Well, all of this finally changed, as the new trailer gives an in-depth look at what exactly the “Incursions” update will bring.

The update will include a new operation, Operation ISAC, where players will have to complete weekly objective-based assignments. Once the assignments are done, players will be rewarded with Phoenix Credits, Division Tech, and other loots. Gear Sets and Gear Scores will also be added to give players an all-new playing experience.

For more details on the upcoming 1.1 Incursions update, check out the complete changelog here.

Check out the Trailer:

“The Division’s Incursions update arrives next week on April 12, bringing the Falcon Lost incursion along with a host of gameplay tweaks, changes, and new features. The Division will have another free update, Conflict, as well as three paid expansions (Underground, Survival, and Last Stand) coming throughout the year. Xbox One owners will have 30-day exclusivity on the first two of the three paid expansions, Underground and Survival.”

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