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Pokémon Café Mix
Pokémon Café Mix

Pokémon Café Mix Available Now on Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo has just launched the newest game in the Pokémon franchise, Pokémon Café Mix for the Nintendo Switch, the free-to-start game will take players on hundred of touch-based puzzles to serve dishes and drinks to adorable Pokémon customers.

Nintendo announced that players can link Pokémon icons to clear puzzles, and work together to build their own Pokémon Café Mix. Puzzles are required to be solved before the turns or minutes run out, each Pokémon customer will ask for a different menu item, it’s up to players to link certain number of icons, get a high score or destroy sugar cubes to deliver the right order to the right customer.

Check the announcement trailer down below:


Here is an official description of Pokémon Café Mix  via Nintendo:

Meet and grow your café staff of charming Pokémon eager to help

Recruit Pokémon to help out at the café (in their adorable uniforms) by building friendship and expand your café and menu offerings by completing puzzles. Each Pokémon staff member has a Café Skill that will come in handy during puzzles!

Golden Acorns can help you complete puzzles and recruit more Pokémon!

Earn or purchase Golden Acorns, the in-game currency, and redeem them to regain hearts, continue puzzles, and get helpful items.

As you complete puzzles to build a world-class café, you’ll face obstacles such as sugar cubes, dollops of whipped cream, and tomatoes! Use your puzzle skills to clear them and employ the help of Pokémon’s Café Skills for some extra oomph! In addition to Café Skills, each Pokémon staff member has a specialty. Match a Pokémon’s specialty with the dish or drink you are making for bonuses in puzzles.

As players progress in the story of the game, more Pokémon staff members can be unlocked and recruited, players will also see a growth in the café. As the players gather new tools or expands the café more customers will show up, increasing the fun and the challenges.

Source: Nintendo

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