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PlayStation will not host a conference for E3 2019

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PlayStation will not host a conference for E3 2019

Well this is a big one…Sony Interactive Entertainment wont present in the E3 next year, Sony confirmed their absence in a statement to the website Variety.

“As the industry evolves, Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to look for inventive opportunities to engage the community,” according to the statement. “PlayStation fans mean the world to us and we always want to innovate, think differently and experiment with new ways to delight gamers. As a result, we have decided not to participate in E3 in 2019. We are exploring new and familiar ways to engage our community in 2019 and can’t wait to share our plans with you.”

Its gonna be weird the next E3, this is the first time in 24 years that SONY wont participate in the event, also this is the second major PlayStation event canceled by the company in recent months.

Shawn Layden, chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, said the company wouldn’t be hosting this year’s PlayStation Experience because they dont have enough games to show.

In the E3 2019 we are probably going to see the new Xbox and who knows maybe SONY got something to show next year, they are working on something thats for sure,

“Now that we have ‘Spiderman’ out the door, we’re looking down in 2019 to games like ‘Dreams’ and ‘Days Gone’ but we wouldn’t have enough to bring people altogether in some location in North America to have that event,” Layden said.”We don’t want to set expectations really high and then not deliver on it.”

PlayStation Experience started four years ago as a celebration for PlayStation’s 20th anniversary as a way to “bring fans together” for a consumer event, according to Layden. The event expanded over the next few years as a place to give news updates. This year, though Layden expressed that “we have a lot of progress that we’re making in our games” but also that there’s not much to share at this point for upcoming titles.

The same could be true for E3 2019, though that does raise concerns about the PlayStation 4 itself and a potential lack of upcoming titles.

The timing also comes just a month after Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed that a successor to the PlayStation 4 is going to happen.

“At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a [sic] next-generation hardware,” Yoshida stated. Yoshida declined to confirm whether or not the next PlayStation console will be called the “PlayStation 5,” which seems like the natural choice.
While consoles are traditionally announced at E3, the PlayStation 4’s announcement actually occurred at an event in New York City and Microsoft’s Xbox One was unveiled at the company’s campus.

Full Article At – Variety

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