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PlayStation VR artwork 1
PlayStation VR artwork 1

PlayStation VR Might Make the Jump to Wireless

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Sony has been creating a lot of new patents due to the release of the PS5 being only a year away, but recently they made one for a wireless version of a PlayStation VR set that has a lot of people talking. The jump to wireless makes sense, but it has mixed opinions so far on the NeoGAF forum that has discovered it.

Before getting into the opinions people have about this wireless VR set, here is what they know so far. The patent appears to be for a breakout box for the wireless headset that switches transmission frequencies in order to keep a consistent connection. The headset will switch between 60 GHz and 5 GHz depending on how well it’s connection. The 60 GHz band will be for primary use while the 5 GHz is for backup.

There is also a picture of the patent available. Here is what the new wireless PlayStation VR setup might look like:

PlayStation VR artwork 2

Even though the patent uses the PS4 and the current headset, these gamers assume it will be for the PS5 and the headset will look different. It shows that this set up will have two separate parts though. The first part goes on the TV, and it is probably what tracks the players movements. The second part is next to the console and is most likely what the VR headset actually connects to.

People on the forums are quite excited about this because using a VR set without the hassle of wires allows for a much higher level of freedom and immersion. Others are still skeptical, however. These forum users are worried about things such as battery life, connectivity, and most important of all, the quality level of the game. Not having direct access to the console leaves a lot of room for error in areas such as latency and resolution, which will take away from the experience as a whole.

The key thing to remember when it comes to patents is nothing is final or even promised to come anytime soon. Sony is in the beginning stages of this idea, so things are subject to change, but it’s still something to be excited about as a possibility for the future of PS5.

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