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PlayStation Studios
PlayStation Studios

PlayStation Studios Establishing a Mobile Division

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Sony Interactive Entertainment is ready to enter the mobile market, the company has made public a job application for Head of Mobile at PlayStation Studios.

The executive will have to “promote the vision, mission, strategy for mobile game development within PlayStation Studios.” The revealing quote is certainly that the new division will adapt “PlayStation’s most popular franchises for mobile.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment will not produce uninspired games, the PlayStation Studios Head of Mobile job listing emphasizes a 3-5 year time frame for mobile game development.

 As Head of Mobile, you will own and develop the mobile games strategy for PlayStation Studios and help build a foundation for future growth opportunities. You will lead all aspects of the expansion of our game development from consoles and PCs to mobile & Live Services with a focus on successfully adapting PlayStation’s most popular franchises for mobile. You will be responsible for building and scaling a team of mobile leaders and will serve as the Head of this new business unit within PlayStation Studios.

Mobile games like Fortnite, Pokémon Go, Candy Crush, and Call of Duty: Mobile have earned millions of dollars, this has caused major interest from big companies like Nintendo and Activision-Blizzard who have adapted some of their biggest franchises for mobile devices. Games like Call of Duty: Mobile have encouraged Activision to start producing more games adapted to iOS and Android.

Sony Interactive Entertainment isn’t discussing any plans right now for specific releases. But it does clearly state that the executive will be to adapt its biggest franchises for mobile.

Arguably PlayStation Studios’ biggest brands are Gran Turismo, God of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Ghost of Tsushima. It’s expected that a few of those games will make the jump to mobile devices that will certainly be more powerful in the following years.

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