Death Stranding Pre Order Promo Leaked
Death Stranding Pre Order Promo Leaked

PlayStation Store Leaks Death Stranding Pre-Order Details

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Death Stranding is all over the place this week as we’re expected to see another reveal of the game from Hideo Kojima later today. While there’s been plenty of leaks and rumors surrounding when the game might actually release, it appears some exciting details have been leaked early.

Reported from Twitter user TroydaKaz, a Death Stranding pre-order promotion has appeared on the PS Store. Pre-order copies are apparently able to grab a slew of in-game items, such as gold “Sam” sunglasses, gold plated armor, a gold hat and a gold “Speed Skeleton”. There’s also an unlockable Death Stranding avatar for PS user, as well.

While the pre-order may seem like minor news regarding the game – which is set for a big reveal anytime – the fact we’re getting pre-order bonuses and promotion signifies we should be receiving an official release date soon – or at the very least, a release is expected sometime within 2019.

Stay tuned for more on Death Stranding as there’s been plenty of talk regarding the game over the last few days.

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