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PlayStation 5 mock-up
PlayStation 5 mock-up

PlayStation Insider is “Very Nervous” About Current State of Sony

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PlayStation seems to have been having a busy week lately with Shawn Layden making a leave and with all of these new leaks for the PS5, it seems that there may be a bit of trouble.

Jim Ryan and Shawn Layden always had a bit of power struggle, well maybe some information abut Shawn’s leave will be uncovered from this employee.

GameDaily.biz spoke to this employee who worked at a major third-party publisher with “direct knowledge of the situation” over at Playstation. Apparently confusin and turmoil within PlayStation is seeping out into its operations and Global reorganization is causing problems, causing issues with their new console.

“This is the least amount of clarity we’ve ever had on a new console this close to transition,” said the source . “I believe that the [global restructuring] is exponentially exacerbating the already difficult process of transitioning to a new generation. And now we’re getting nervous. Read: very nervous.”

Of course this is an allegedly true as we don’t really know the full story about this turmoil or how Shawn Layden leaving Sony will affect the company as a whole. Well in the meantime, hopefully the future development of games at Sony will do just fine. For the future, we must be cautious around these casual rumors. If these rumors are true however, we would suggest that Sony and PlayStation will get their acts together in time for their new console.

For more information about the PlayStation 5, check out here.

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