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PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Design Gets Leaked

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The image for this article above is what the new PS5 dev console looks like and it was found in a newly discovered Sony design patent. A developer recently confirmed the design on Twitter and deleted the message and his account. A developer with access to the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett has been sharing images of the PS5 dev box and has more information about the consoles.

The leaker told Gizmodo that the consoles can’t be released before 2020 because AMD is slow to ray-tracing.

The design is called Prospero and it was delivered to developers in the summer. Prospero is a character who appears in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The console uses Ariel and Gonzalo as parts with the AMD’s custom chip, or APU . Oberon, the GPU was also discovered this year.

The leaker also reveals that the console will have the “greatest compute jump in any console,” whatever that means.

Here’s how Gizmodo describes the design:

“The best photo our tipster sent isn’t much—a 33.5Kb gif that is just 238 pixels by 144 pixels. It’s been cropped and downgraded as if to remove any possible identifying details. Suffice it to say that from what we can see, the details in the photo appear identical to the [patent] registration illustrations. […]

What immediately catches your eye is that this device has a two-tone color job, much like PS4 developer boxes before. Much of what we see is covered in a shiny silver finish that reflects the garish overhead lights illuminating it. The parts not covered in the silver finish are covered in black plastic. The portion visible includes those five gill-like vents and that big V-shaped divot.”

We also get some information about Project Scarlett using a built-in user-facing camera to facilitate live game streaming. The camera will be 4K and can deliver a two-frame latency between what’s recorded and what’s on screen.

Hopefully these consoles will have tons of new features that will surprise gamers.

For more information on the PS5, check out here.

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