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PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

PlayStation Assistant for PS5 Information Leaked

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A patent leak was found making the PS5 something more feasible to see. A patent for a new feature called PlayStation Assistant was found.

Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent on October 1st, 2020 at the Unlimited States Trademark and Patent Office for a system that will be “identifying player engagement to generate contextual gameplay assistance.”

Contextual gameplay assistance sounds very interesting and this assistance will be available for PS5 users. This would allow the Assistant AI to monitor player activities during gameplay to provide assistance within the game and it can assist users based on their frustration with the game.

Here’s what is known from the patent:

“The present disclosure describes methods and systems directed towards identifying player engagement to generate contextual game play assistance. User gameplay information is monitored so that the user can be provided assistance within the video game where the user may have problems. User gameplay information is monitored in order to identify what type(s) of assistance could be provided to the user. The information can be based on the current level of frustration of the user with the video game.”

This sounds more like a secondary feature rather than something that everyone will be using, but it’s interesting to see these ideas come to light from Sony about this.

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