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PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5’s Memory Runs At 90°C – 194°F

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Now that the PlayStation 5 is in the wild, the consoles have been stressed tested, disassembled, and even destroyed. Gamers Nexus’ Editor in Chief Steve Burke has uploaded a YouTube video titled ‘Weak Cooler Desing: Weak Cooler Design: PlayStation 5 Thermals, Power, & Noise Testing.

Burke suggests that Sony could’ve done a better job keeping the PS5 cool, he also affirms that there is still room for improvement in that department. He claims that: “The PS5’s large blower fan seems to spin at a low enough speed to maintain noise targets and avoid the complaints of the previous generation, but we think there’s room in Sony’s design to improve thermals in both the chassis walls and the fan PWM aggression”.

Check out his video down below:

Some of Steve’s benchmarks did reveal something especially worrying for the durability of the console, the on-board memory of the system runs insanely hot, under some loads it can reach the 90 degrees Celcius – 194 degrees Fahrenheit range.

It’s important to mention that once that a user disassembles a PlayStation 5, or an Xbox Series X|S, the system may not work as it used to, some dishonest content creators may just change the liquid cooling for regular thermal paste to create attractive content or just edit the video to present false evidence. This was evident two weeks ago when Xbox had to tell users to stop vaping its Xbox Series X, as it was a trend on Twitter as it showed a catastrophic depiction of a Series X overheating.

Being said this, Steve Burke’s reputation on YouTube is perfect, as one of the comments on its video affirms he is like ‘the final boss of engineers and designers’ as he is a heavy critic of the designs of PCs and consoles, he often thinks that engineers could’ve done a better job, something that it’s clearly understandable when so many compromises could be done at such a small form factor and retail price range.

Source: Gamers Nexus

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