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PlayStation 5 Won’t Struggle with 4K Gaming Says Developer

TeamKill Media has dismissed AestheticGamer‘s rumors of PlayStation 5 struggling with 4k gaming by stating that Quatum Error is currently running at 4K 65-70 FPS with plenty of room to improve.

“Quantum Error currently is running at 4K 65-70 FPS unoptimized”. That’s unoptimized remember, meaning that the game will almost certainly run even better after a good dose of polish.

Indeed, Teamkill Media are actually brought to a state of rolling on the floor crying with laughter at the suggestion their PS5 game won’t run at 4K 60fps, adding:

“We will be hitting our goal of 4K 60 FPS. And there will be much more than just corridors lol! 🤣”

Last week, reliable insider AestheticGamer suggested that the PS5 is struggling with 4K gaming, he warned in a Twitter thread that developers might opt to use “fake 4k” in order to maintain stable framerates.

“I’ve heard from other devs that PS5 struggles with 4k games in particular so you’ll see a lot of fake 4K,” AestheticGamer said in response to a question from Twitter users. “That doesn’t matter to some, but get ready for that too. Xbox [Series] X doesn’t have the same problem.”

AestheticGamer suggests that some developers might choose checkerboard rendering as the technique is less demanding, and will actually work as a 1440p. A filter is applied to fill the unrendered parts of the image to show a 4K image. The PlayStation 4 Pro used the technique and has found success in terms of graphical fidelity. Certainly, players expect more performance for a next-gen console, but AestheticGamer’s information might just be the case of a multiplatform game and a developer struggling to optimize the game on the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 features AMD’s SmartShift technology, this means that the CPU clock speed of the console is variable, some developers reacted quickly to express their worries as the technique could be inconvenient. Mark Cerny has been interviewed by Digital Foundry as published on Eurogamer, the designer of the console explains that PlayStation 5, won’t cause any problems related to their variable clock speed technology.

Developers don’t need to optimize in any way; if necessary, the frequency will adjust to whatever actions the CPU and GPU are performing.

The time constant, which is to say the amount of time that the CPU and GPU take to achieve a frequency that matches their activity, is critical to developers,” adds Cerny. “It’s quite short, if the game is doing power-intensive processing for a few frames, then it gets throttled.

There isn’t a lag where extra performance is available for several seconds or several minutes and then the system gets throttled; that isn’t the world that developers want to live in – we make sure that the PS5 is very responsive to the power consumed. In addition to that, the developers have feedback on exactly how much power is being used by the CPU and GPU.”

Source: T3

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