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PlayStation 5 Users Are Reporting Dualsense Drift

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There are increasing reports of a drift issue on the DualSense ‘s analogue sticks. Places like GameFAQ and Reddit are becoming more frequently accessed for more information and reports about the nagging issue.

The main issue is a slight drift for most players, analogue sticks register a movement when the player is not using the controller. Some users have found a quick fix by rebooting the console, resetting the controller, while others have found a solution in more drastic methods like using WD-40.

On Reddit, one user reported the drift issue in just 10 days after receiving the PS5, affirming to have tried every possible fix with no luck.

PlayStation is reportedly fixing controllers as they are covered by the warranty, North American users will have to pay to ship the controller to the repair centre.

Kotaku reports its experience reaching PlayStation for support:

In a conversation over instant messages, an agent told me to call 1-800-345-7669 and press 1 for PS5. I did so, and then listened to, no joke, a dozen different pre-recorded messages informing me that PlayStation support is not the place to inquire about finding a PS5.

I was told that DualSense drift is covered under warranty. You will, however, have to pay for shipping your controller to a Sony repair center—a cost that varies based on a number of factors, including location and the total weight of your package—but Sony apparently covers the return shipping. No recoup on whatever you pay for that first shipping label.

Users are asking PlayStation to add the ability to increase the DualSense deadzone on the PS5’s settings, the feature could at least add a quick fix for those who can’t play with their current controller.

Source: Kotaku

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