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PlayStation 5 Could Use Sony’s New Patent to Remove Loading Screens Once and Forever

Next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft have been officially confirmed to be under development and we know some initial details about both of them, including having an internal SSD which will help the devices to lower the in-game loading time, but what if they can remove it once and forever? Well, it seems Sony has some interesting idea on this matter.

According to a new patent filed by Sony, they have reached a new technique to load in-game areas in a way that players never see a loading screen again. Based on this new patent, all the areas in a game get split into different regions and when player enters to a region, all neighbor areas gets loaded along with the main region, so whenever you decide to enter a new section, you will see no loading screen thanks to the new technology. Here you can read the full description for the patent:

A system and method are disclosed for dynamically loading game software for smooth game play. A load boundary associated with a game environment is identified. A position of a character in the game environment is then monitored. Instructions corresponding to a next game environment are loaded into a memory when the character crosses the load boundary, such that game play is not interrupted.

However, it’s not confirmed yet whether PlayStation 5 will use the new patent or not. If Sony attempts to add the technology to PS5, and if the technique works as it’s described, then the new generation of consoles will put an end to loading screens forever.

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