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Playdead’s Inside coming to PS4 in august

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Playdead’s Inside coming to PS4 in august

Inside is coming to PlayStation 4, and that it is coming very soon. As reported earlier, Trophies for the game appeared on Exophase.com (there is no Platinum for the game, it seems like), and VG247 are reporting that their sources have confirmed the impending release of a PS4 version, which could happen as early as August- which is this month.

The developers originally stated that the game would release on Xbox One first before finding it’s way to other platforms. The game released on June 29th on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on July 7th.

In case that you missed, here is the trailer:

“Inside is very much like Limbo in that you generally toddle from left to right on a 2D plane, navigating the environment, escaping threats and solving conniving puzzles. While your interactions are kept simple, the dark inventiveness is anything but. Inside confounds at every turn, consistently introducing new concepts at an impressive clip. To spoil individual puzzles would be to wreck much of Inside’s allure, but Playdead toy with concepts of stealth, of light and dark, of gravity, water, crates and contraptions. Its smartest gimmick doesn’t bear mentioning, apart from to say it is as disturbing as it is clever.”

More info at – Source

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