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Playdead Working on a Open World Sci-fi Adventure

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Following the critically-acclaimed Limbo and Inside, Playdead is now hiring developers for a much more ambitious 3rd-person science fiction adventure set in a remote corner of the universe.

Playdead has not given the project an official name, the job listing include art from the game, check the gallery here:

Playdead may be changing the main genres of its new project, but the art confirms the creepy atmosphere that Limbo and Inside had. Some of the art depicts what seems to be an astronaut, it’s suggested that the main story takes place after an astronaut is lost on an abandoned planet. The creatures that will be expecting the main character will certainly not be friendly and survival might be even harder from previous games.

The job listing also informs applicants that the Copenhagen-based studio has a “very flat management structure” and counts with a relatively small team of  50 people, something that might confirm that the upcoming game might not be overly ambitious or take a Kickstarter approach.

Playdead explains that having a small team allows them to better manage the team and the game’s development. They affirm that their game development vision “does not include crunching towards arbitrary deadlines”. The heads of the studio incentivize developers to manage their own schedule and thrive on working with a friendly, collaborative environment.

What’s known about the next Playdead game, is that the studio reached an agreement with Epic Games Store, the game is expected to launch as a timed-exclusive on the platform, along with its launch on consoles.

In recent news from Playdead, it’s co-founder and former CEO Dino Patti left the studio, his reasons was a disagreement with the other founder, it’s reported that he received a $7 million payment for his share in the studio.

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