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Play With Me
Play With Me

Play With Me is now available on Steam!

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Play With Me is now available on Steam!

Enter the world of a dangerous psychopath and check how it feels to slowly descend into madness. Explore the dark world created by a sick mind and find out who is behind it. However, you will not be alone during this journey – you will be able to win the gratitude of other imprisoned and even get their help with a bit of manipulation and favors. How will you use them? Are you ready to sacrifice your friend to get away from the trap? And most of all will you dare to… “Play with Me”?

An investigative journalist, Robert Hawk and his wife Sara disappear in mysterious circumstances. The police find only their car wreck at the scene of the accident. According to the suspicions of the investigation officers, a man called „Illusion”, a serial killer about whom Hawk has been writing investigative articles for a long time, may have something to do with Hawk and his wife disappearance. Apparently, with the help of his friend, private detective Patrick Clark, the journalist was very close to discover Illusion’s true identity. Now, as a result of the accident, Hawk finds himself in the “Illusion” and he has to get through a maze of puzzles in order to survive.

Get to a higher level of immersion and use real objects from your surroundings to outsmart the harasser. Blow into the microphone to blow out the candles, make a hand gesture to light the match, shake the box, open the jar or attack someone with a hammer. Use a mirror, a piece of paper or your own hand to cover a part of the screen and solve the puzzle. And be sure, that this is only the beginning of many unique gameplay solutions and original ideas implemented in the game.

Enter the world of a dangerous psychopath and check how it feels to slowly descend into madness thanks to a unique system of determining the mental state of your character. Take advantage of some additional activities – write your own diary in a virtual telephone, read text messages or play mobile games – do whatever that will keep you sane.

Remember that thanks to some random elements, from puzzles, through items’ location, to dialogues each encounter with the game will be different. And when in a need for challenge, test your skills in additional modes, including the exceptional survival mode. Finally test your human nature through moral choices and secondary quests which will lead you to many different endings.


  • Numerous optical puzzles and illusions that will stimulate your imagination,
  • Extra activities (working mobile phone, computers and others) that will allow you to forget about your terrifying situation,
  • Moral choices and different endings that will test your humanity,
  • Various game modes, secondary quests, and randomness of some gameplay elements that will provide entertainment for many hours,
  • Flexible dialogue system – in-game character’s attitude towards the main protagonist may vary from being sad to anger or impatience,
  • Extended “Mental State System” of the main protagonist indicating the level of his madness,
  • The ability to win the gratitude of other imprisoned and even get their help with a bit of manipulation and favors. The way you afterwards use it is totally up to you,
  • A frightening plot that will keep you glued to the monitor for hours,
  • The atmosphere of the game loosely inspired by the film “Saw”
  • The ability to use objects from your real world surroundings – a microphone, a mirror, a camera, etc.,
  • Professional blood-chilling soundtrack and dubbing,
  • Voice Overs recorded in the Lektor Studio, a company known for their work for HBO, CBS, AXN, Discovery and National Geographic among others.

Check out the Trailer:

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