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Pixel Arc Studios. LLC Adds “Bushiden” Physical Release for PS4

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Pixel Arc Studios. LLC Adds “Bushiden” Physical Release for PS4

Pixel Arc Studios, LLC is excited to announce the addition of physical copies for the Playstation 4 to its Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming game “Bushiden.”

“The people spoke and let us know immediately that they wanted physical copies for PS4 in a major way. We are ecstatic to be able to meet their requests so quickly,” said Chris Crawford, Pixel Arc Studios, LLC.

Bushiden is a Metroidvania-influenced action platformer set in a futuristic world where your greatest foe has been revived from the dead and is seeking revenge. The game combines melee combat with exploration elements spanning 8 separate, non-linear levels. Bushiden will initially release on Steam (Windows) and PlayStation 4.

Check this story trailer down below:

Bushiden opens with a prologue level that culminates in the battle that took place between Reylee and Gaoh six years prior to the events of the game. Upon completing the prologue, the narrative moves to the present and the player is able to select any one of six available levels to enter. Completing a level by defeating the boss grants Reylee a new ability. Levels can be exited before completion at Save Terminals and they can be revisited, even after completion, to utilize Reylee’s upgraded abilities while exploring for secrets. Completing all six of the available levels unlocks the final level, Gaoh’s Tower, and puts Reylee on a collision course with the final showdown between him and Gaoh!

Key Features:

  • 7 levels to explore plus a prologue area!
  • Survive epic boss fights to unlock new traversal and combat abilities!
  • Unique “crowd control” combat system gives the player powerful options for dispatching hordes of foes!
  • Revisit levels with upgraded abilities to access new areas, find secret rewards, and become even more powerful!
  • Collect currency from slain enemies to purchase health upgrades, enhanced shurikens, weapon summons, and chi spell attacks!
  • Beautiful, hand-crafted pixel art!

Learn more about Bushiden and its Kickstarter Campaing at  – KickStarter

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