Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point Received a New Gameplay Footage Showcasing the Battles

Creator of X-Com series is now working on a brand new IP in his own studio to bring a similar but more improved title to what it had given birth long time ago. Phoenix Point is a new title from Snapshot Games that we got to see a gameplay demo of it back in Los Angeles at E3 2019.

Phoenix Point is set in a futuristic world in which aliens have become the main enemy of humans and now it’s on you to fight against the evolving troops of aliens and make them to retreat. Following what X-Com series is known for, Phoenix Point brings a tactical turned-base RPG experience through different maps and missions.

In Phoenix Point, you will control different soldiers and military vehicles to approach your enemies and take them out in the most efficient way. Every soldier will use multiple types of guns and gears that allows you to use them in different positions. The game also allows you to shoot at your enemies directly, with turning into third-person view so that you can choose where to shoot at to reduce the alien’s health sooner. Here is the gameplay footage of Phoenix Point:

Snapshot Games’ next hit will be coming to Xbox One and PC via Epic Games Store on September 3rd. Phoenix Point seems to have a lot in common with X-Com series but fans will surely waiting for more new features and innovative ideas from the team behind the game to convince them to start a new experience in the same genre other than X-Com: Enemy Unknown.

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