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Phil Spencer
Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer Expresses Interest In More Killer Instinct

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Among the franchises nobody thought might return last year, Killer Instincts was a pleasant surprise. A well-made fighting game by Developers Double Helix Games, Iron Galaxy, and Rare under the supervision of Ken Lobb. Since it arrived on the Xbox One 3 seasons’ worth of content were released with new characters to play as. Since then a lot of people have been clamoring for a new sequel to the title. Thanks to Phil Spencer we now know that while a new Killer Instinct is wanted, there are no plans for it in the future.

Appearing on the Dropped Frame podcast, Phil Spencer revisited old franchises. During this conversation, the topic of a new Killer Instincts was brought up. He stated that “There are so many good games in our catalog that we’d love to revisit,” before stating:

“The response when we did [Killer Instinct] at the launch of Xbox One was fantastic. Not everybody inside of the Xbox org kind of saw what that game could become. I will just say, Matt [Booty] and I have discussed many times [Killer Instinct] and where we’d like to go with it.”

Phil Spencer continued by stating:

“It’s in our hearts and our minds that we want to continue to do something with [Killer Instinct]. It is about finding the right team and the right opportunity. But it’s not due to any lack of desire on our part that we’re not doing more of [Killer Instinct] because we love the franchise and the community response.”

There is definitely an audience for a new Killer Instincts game if everything can come together. However, Xbox does currently have its strongest first-party lineup in a long while. We will have to wait and see if Killer Instincts can find a developer.

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