Phil Spencer: “Cross-Play is a Good Feature- That’s Our Goal”

Phil Spencer: “Cross-Play is a Good Feature- That’s Our Goal”

Following the recent announcement of cross-play multiplayer support for Gears of War 4 Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has said he hopes more games will support cross-play feature in the near future, although Halo Wars 2 isn’t expected to have this feature.

“I hope so,” Spencer said to a fan (via DualShockers) who asked if more games will support cross-play. “That’s our goal.”

He added that Halo Wars 2 does not support cross-play “for some longer-standing engine reasons.” But as Microsoft looks to the future, “cross-play is a good feature,” Spencer said.

Also on Twitter, Spencer was asked about Microsoft’s Project Scorpio console. Specifically, someone wanted to know when the mega-powerful system would be available to preorder. It remains to be seen when that will be, but Spencer says you may want to wait until you see games running for it.

Recently, Spencer said he played games for the first time on Scorpio and said they “played great.”

Finally, Spencer reiterated on Twitter that the Xbox One Elite controller will work on Scorpio. This is no surprise, given basically all Xbox One peripherals (and games) will work with Scorpio.

Scorpio goes on sale this holiday, though its release date and price have not been announced yet.

In other news, a developer said this week that Scorpio is a “full blown next-gen machine,” compared to the “half-assed” PS4 Pro.”

For more information visit the source at Gamespot.

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